The education of each child is a three way partnership between parents, pupils and teachers.

  • Every effort is made to ensure that parents are well informed about the work of the school through regular newsletters and information.
  • Formal meetings between parents and teachers are arranged by the school and our ‘open door’ policy welcomes informal contact between parents and staff on a regular basis.
  • Parents are encouraged to support their children’s learning at home by assisting with homework, reading and learning tables.
  • Parents provide valuable practical as well as financial support for the school and assist with activities such as learning activities and on school outings.
  • The Friends of the School Association arrange fund raising events such as a  ‘School Sports’ and ‘Christmas Fair'.


Parent Teacher Association 

The school has a supportive Parent Teacher association and every parent is invited to participate in its activities. This association does not exist purely in a ‘fund raising’ capacity. 

The main aims of the Meidrim Parent Teacher Association are as follows: 

  • To develop a greater understanding between parents and teachers.
  • To help parents understand the current trends in teaching and general education of the children.
  • To provide parents with a wider knowledge of education provisions made nationally and locally.
  • To encourage activities of all kinds to promote the education and welfare of our children.
  • To assist the school in maintaining amenities through financial and other help, not forthcoming in the usual way.